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Related post: Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 00:20:36 -0600 From: Leldon McLane Subject: The Revelation of Roseshannon Chapter ThreeThis story contains graphic d/s scenes between women. Do not read young pthc tgp if you are under legal age, or if such exposure violates the community standards where you live, of if you feel such material might offend your sensibilities.The Revelation of Roseshannon by Leldon McLaneCHAPTER THREE Carnal CorruptionRoseshannon could pthc picture barely believe that she had allowed her daughter to do the things she did but her mind now was plagued with thoughts of what to do about Robert finding out about her aberrations. Before the wedding she had signed a prenuptial agreement and divorce would leave her very pthc stor nearly destitute. She had bargained from a very weak position against a host of lawyers that convinced her a refusal to sign would only prove herself to be nothing but a fortune hunter.She went searching for Helga who might have some ideas about what could be done. She finally found her in the kitchen. Helga had Florence, the cook, bent over the table with her skirt up over her back and her panties down to her knees. She was swatting the big behind with a ping pong paddle and Flo's bodice was undone as though collection dark pthc Helga had been at her large breasts. Whether to suck her titties or to pinch them was a matter of conjecture but knowing Helga's mean streak, Roseshannon kds porn pthc concluded that she had been twisting her large nipples."Ow, ow, Miz Helga. That's enough. All I did was overcook your toast a little pussy bbs pthc tiny bit.""I don't think two unrecognizable lumps of charcoal on a plate qualifies as over cooked. Lean up a little higher and spread those thick thighs so I can spank your big old pussy some.""Oh, Miz Helga, pthc baby bbs rompl don't spank me on my pussy. I'm very sensitive there.""That's the idea. Your big ass is so well padded that it just absorbs anything I do with this paddle and I doubt if you feel a thing. Now show me some pussy or I'm going to cram this paddle up your ass I don't mean handle first."Flo stepped up on the low shelf of the table to raise her ass and then she spread her thighs out as far as she could. Her screams were rather loud as pthc database Helga spanked her between her legs. Out of curiosity, Helga laid the paddle down and inserted three pthc ptsc priceless private fingers into the large cunt."Miz Helga, don't very young pthc girls do me like that. I know you just want to tease me `til I get all worked up and then I've got no where to go with it." Flo pleaded as she squirmed against the hand. Helga ignored her and tucked her thumb up into her fingers and slid her hand in up to her knuckles. Flo was panting heavily and threw one leg up on the table to give the housekeeper more room. The hand slid in to the wrist and Helga began rotating her wrist as the cook moaned in delight."Do you want to suck my pussy?" Helga inquired."Miz Helga, why are you always after me to do that? You know I'm not que...I mean, hom'sexual. Why don't you go little virgin pthc gallerie make Denise do it or Miz Roseshannon, she's always sniffing around your skirts, if not your armpits." Flo giggled."Now how would you know about that?""You nude model pthc been in the service long enough to know the walls have ears. I imagine everyone in the county knows by now that she's turned raging queer and will suck anything with a slit. There's jokes about it. At the grocery store the other day I pthc dvds was testing the weight of two cantaloupes when Miz Green commented not to hold them too close together or Roseshannon would be trying to get her tongue between them.""I'm not surprised, with a wag tongue like you in the pthc elite house. If your tongue was as long up a pussy as it is over the backyard fence, you'd have every woman in town lined up at the door with her panties in her purse."Remembering the cook's comment and the times she had got her worked up and then left her, Helga kept twisting her wrist in her pussy until Flo started heaving in pthc sven board9 a maxi-orgasm.Deciding that sven paradise pthc superguide the two had reached some kind of a conclusion to their business, Roseshannon took a couple of steps inside the kitchen and motioned for Helga to come and talk. "I've got to go, I'll be back to finish your spanking later.""And you know how I'll be looking forward to that." Flo mumbled, still prostrate on pthc pictures pics the table."What's on your mind?" Helga asked as she joined Roseshannon, "Let's go into the study. Do you need videos of vicky pthc a little pussy or do you just want to suck on my titties?""I'd like to do either one but we need to talk about what we can do if Robert finds out about us." Roseshannon said as they entered the study."I think you mean `when' Robert finds out. We've been so wrapped up in your kink that we haven't been very discreet. From what Flo just said, he probably already knows. He'll probably kick your ass out for being such a slut and me along with you for being a little less than professional.""Is there nothing we can do?""The only thing I pthc child pedo porn know is to try to get him so involved in your kink that he won't give a shit what the neighbors think.""Well, you can forget that. He's absolutely asexual. The last time he touched me was nearly ten years ago. He doesn't think about anything except his damn business deals.""Not too long ago pthc dark collections 2 people were saying the same thing about you, that you were concerned about nothing in this world but your sports car and your Barbie-doll clothes collection.""That's not a very nice thing to say about my wardrobe, its a little uncalled for.""I didn't say it, that's just what people were saying a few weeks ago. Now they say you can't focus on anything for five minutes that doesn't have a nipple or a slit."Helga sat down in an easy chair, her dress rode up beyond the tops of her nylons and Roseshannon lost most of her concentration. She sat down on the floor at her feet and looked up her dress longingly. "Well, I see your mind magazine fashion pthc has already wandered off the subject. You want to suck me off while I think about our problems?"Roseshannon did not have to be invited twice as she plunged her head between those lithe thighs. "But what ...about your ...panties?""Just suck it through the panties, we're not trying to set a world record for orgasms, we're just trying to keep you occupied while I think!"Roseshannon had to be content with sucking her pussy through her panties and she did manage to curl her tongue around the cloth occasionally and lick some delicious skin close to her pussy lips. "You know, when Robert was a teenager, he was far from the straight laced bastard he is today. I remember one time my mother spanked me for no reason and Robert got to watch. I still think he paid her to do it. He had his own money, even then, from his grandma.""Oh, Helga, you've let time play tricks on your memory. What mother would punish her child for money?""Mine zeps pthc guide would. For a few dollars more, she would've poured gas on my ass and lit it.""She sounds like a monster.""She was a Nazi, one of the search terms for pthc youngest SS officers. She was a member of Hitler Youth and rose rapidly in the ranks. She was in charge of one of the camps, maybe because most of the men were fighting the Russians. When the war ended, she assumed the identity of one of the murdered prisoners and came to America as a war refugee. Very late in her life, she married a butler and became a housekeeper for the Vanderwaters and I was born.""Robert was partly raised by a Nazi war criminal? No pthctgp wonder he's so cold.""Don't go laying all that at Mother's door. She lived in an insane society and persecuting Jews was the key thaimisc pthc sven to success. At the same time, Americans were rising to power by oppressing the black population. The Germans were a little more extreme but they lived in a more desperate situation when it took a bushel pthc lesbian basket of marks to buy a loaf of bread. Besides, she completely raised me and I think I turned out all right.""Yeah, the glow from your warmth illuminates those around you.""Don't you start that sarcasm with me or I'll give you a spanking. In fact, you've been working your tongue up under my panties and I didn't give you permission to do that. Get up here over my lap!"Roseshannon hurriedly complied and Helga pulled her dress up and complimented her for not wearing panties and then proceeded pthc bbs japan to take out all her anger and frustration on Roseshannon's submissive ass.Suddenly she stopped. "You know if that little pervert paid my mother to spank pthc irc channel me, he didn't just outgrow that little character flaw. He's got to be up to something on all these long business trips. Maybe he doesn't bother you because he's too tired or thinks you're too tame. We need to contact a good private eye and find out what he's doing on those trips.""How nude kids pthc do we do that?""You need to go into the city and look in the phone book or ask around. You need to do it tomorrow.""Well then, I will but you've got time to finish spanking me."Zeta was trying to study and ward off Ms Preston's concerted efforts to get her panties off. She japanese schoolgirl fuck pthc thought about the contrast between the woman's appearance and her actions. A woman who maintained the air of intense dignity and high refinement necessary to her profession, she wore ultra conservative clothes on her slim, but rather large-breasted body, even affecting a girdle because `her mother did' and to insure that her ass cheeks did not elweeb pthc jiggle. Yet wherever Zeta happened pthc linda to be, Ms Preston was right beside her, trying to get her hands up her skirt to play with her alluring, girlish thighs. Or trying to get her hands down Zeta's blouse to pthc video bbs play with where to find pthc her new slang for pthc budding breasts. Or, if standing, she would try to porn torrent pthc hump her big woman's pussy against her slim, girlish ass.Zeta was very quick and stayed far ahead of other girls her age in her studies, despite Ms Preston's efforts to distract her. With a sound of disgust, Zeta roughly pushed Ms Preston's hands out from under her skirt and stood up. Abashed, the woman tried to retain a touch of dignity. "Despite annya and friends pthc your constant insinuations, I do not spend every waking moment trying to get my mouth on your dumpeg video pthc sex. I just don't see what it hurts if you open your thighs a little and let me rub it some while you're studying.""It's very distracting and now I have to pee." Zeta suddenly looked at the woman with a new light uncensored pthc in her eyes. The woman, well aware of the lascivious thought in the girl's mind, lowered her eyes to avoid direct contact. "Now there's something you could do pthc imgboard lists that would save me some time.""No, don't ask me to let you do that to me. It's too nasty to even consider."In answer Zeta raised her skirt to her waist and lowered her panties. She took one step and pushed her naked pthc 15 free pussy into the woman's face. "Could anything nasty come out of something as beautiful as this little girl slit?""I don't see how it could." The woman agreed with some resignation."Get down blueadult pthc pthc r ygold hussyfan on your knees with your mouth and your throat wide open.""Darling, I just can't let you do that to me.""All right, I'll just tell my mother that you asked me if you could. Maybe your replacement won't be so squeamish.""Okay, I'll let you. But please go slow and don't get my blouse wet." The woman surrendered and kneeled down in front of the girl."I don't care if portal pthc cp I get your hussy fan pthc blouse wet. Then you could spend some time getting it washed and dried. pthc pix While you waited, I could be pinching your big titties or maybe I could try my new nipple clamps.""No, peterburg video pthc I won't spill any." Ms Preston said as she placed her mouth in a tight seal around the young slit.Early the next morning, Roseshannon finished her shower and was standing naked in her closet, unable to decide upon an outfit. Her sense of fashion had been all but destroyed by Helga's unkind comment about her Barbie-doll collection. Until then she had an exaggerated confidence in her own good tastes and now pthc 60 could not make up her mind at all.Helga, impatient with the delay, came in and grabbed a slinky black silk dress and pulled the woman from the huge closet. She whipped the dress over Roseshannon's head pthc forum post top and began to button pthc rika the back. "What about my underwear?""You won't pthc girl models need it and you might get a chance to use this fantastic body to insure the cooperation of the detective. And I expect you to use any means available to get cam pthc the quickest and best job done. Our future in this house depends on it. You will be confident and seductive and you will not be denied.""Yes Ma'am", the woman replied meekly. Helga helped with the dryer to curl her long, tawny hair into a stunning style. She even helped with her make-up, applying much more than Roseshannon normally used. Dealing with a pthc imgbbs nudist detective who might be used to whores was her justification.Across the long stretch of deserted road, Roseshannon was thrilled to see the flashing lights of a patrol car in her rear view mirror. Her speedometer showed only fifty-five so she knew it was her favorite policewoman stopping her. She clenched her thighs and pussy lips together as she saw Shirley in her side mirror, strolling pthc pic preeten boldly towards her parked car, her hands undoing the top kds pthc image board buttons of her uniform blouse.She pulled her blouse apart pthc message board 2003 as she thrust her huge bra- covered breasts into the car and Roseshannon began immediately licking her cleavage. "Well, that's a much better attitude than the last time I stopped you. But wait just a minute, let me get them out idoor pthc of my bra before you chew a hole in it. I've never seen a grown woman so hungry for a titty. I'm scared to let you at my pussy. Especially since I haven't seen a rest room clean enough to use since I've been out here.""You can't make me do anything nasty, I was only doing fifty- five.""Honey, speeding isn't the only law on the books. There are other things you can be arrested for. Indecent exposure, for example, open your legs and let me see if you're wearing your panties." Roseshannon complied, also hiking her dress up and uttered a low moan of pleasure when Shirley's fingers slid under her dress and curled up into her cunt."Well, that's a second offense," she said as she continued to fondle the bare pussy, "I'm going to have to take you downtown. There are some brutal, cunt-starved dykes down there who would pay me a lot of money to bring in a prissy little pussy like you.""And I would pay you also if you did, but not today, I have urgent business in the city. Besides, why is there a law against not wearing your panties?""Are pthc art pictures pthc lingerie you kidding? If every woman went around without her panties, she'd be much less inhibited and more sexual. Everyone would be more satisfied and less frustrated. You, of all people, should know the power of a naked pussy.""I see the problem, in such a contented society, there might be little need for a police force. I better get out and take a spanking before you end up unemployed and cp pre pthc destitute.""You'll get a spanking all right but first, I need to piss in gazoubbs pthc your mouth.""You know you can do that to me if you want to but please don't get any on my clothes. I do have to go into the city or else I would have never ventured out here where I could fall into your evil clutches.""I'll let it out real slow and you can swallow fast. I still can't believe a woman of your looks and class would let another woman do that to you. You must be the most perverted female on the planet.""Oh, I hope so." Roseshannon said as she opened her car door, "I russian pthc zeps wish we had a more pthc pics links private place to go. Passersby might get a little disgusted if they see what you are doing to pthc pics young child me.""There is a sleazy little motel up the road a piece, but my uniform would make me very conspicuous.""I have a thigh length coat in the back seat. You could take your pants off and it would look like you just had on a short skirt.""There's an abandoned service station just before the motel. I could park my cruiser behind it."After getting into the car, Shirley took her uniform pants off pthc models and Roseshannon immediately stopped the car, pushed her thighs apart and leaned over her lap to suck her pussy through her panties."We've got to go now, or I'm going to piss all ranchi gateway pthc over your car."Inside the motel, Roseshannon pulled off her dress and was completely nude as Shirley led her into the bathroom. Helga and Zeta had both pissed in her mouth but always sort of non consensual, at the height of passion. This was the first time she had ever entered a bathroom with a woman for that expressed purpose and she felt very strange, very humiliated and degraded, and her desire raged like erotica pthc gallery an inferno in her loins. Shirley wore only her blouse and she stripped it off and sat down with her legs spread wide. "Hurry up and pthc 16 yo sexpics get your mouth down here, get a tight seal because I can't wait any longer."The fountain had already started to gush by the time Roseshannon got on her knees and got her face between the widespread thighs. She opened her mouth and pushed her face closer until her mouth sealed off Shirley's pussy and she began to suck and swallow as fast as she could. After the gush had diminished to a slow trickle, Roseshannon cleaned Shirley's pussy with her tongue. Shirley lifted her legs over Roseshannon's shoulders and placed her feet on her back to lift her hips so her asshole could be swabbed dry also."Are you still going to spank me?""Just so I won't lose my job. Climb over my lap with your pussy right on top of mine and we'll rub our pussies together while I spank you." Roseshannon complied with her hormones raging and the contact of their pussies sent her right over the wall.After they dressed, Shirley still without pthc bbs new her tinygirls pthc pants, her gorgeous legs peeping out from under pthc pedo nude the coat, Roseshannon couldn't stand the sexy sight. She just had to drop down on her knees and suck the policewoman's pussy one more time. On the way back pthc girls gallereis to the cruiser, pthc cp photos bbs Shirley told her the best private eye in the city was Lana Spillane."She was a captain in military intelligence before she got caught with her hand up a lieutenant's skirt. She then started a P.I. service and she has the latest technology along with highly unauthorized access to data cjb net pthc banks that legitimate detectives would give anything to have.""Well, if she got caught with her hand up a lieutenant's skirt, she'll probably expect me to suck her pussy.""You can only hope. Women are lined up at pthc chil her office trying to think of an excuse to use her service. One woman had her husband investigated pthc 3 yo three times for sexual misadventures and he was a quadriplegic."Roseshannon found the building and the floor where Spillane's offices were located and when she entered she found a stunningly beautiful woman serving as a receptionist. The office was deserted except for her and she asked to see Ms Spillane."Well, Sweetie, for someone as gorgeous as you, I'll move heaven and earth and I can get you in a week from next Thursday. Will that be convenient?" The receptionist replied confidently, but her eyes wandered down to Roseshannon's fabulous thighs and her tongue seemed too large for her mouth as it swung back and forth across her luscious lips.Roseshannon recognized the signs of a submissive, she'd seen them often enough in the mirror. Her resolve steeled by her desperation, she came around the desk and lifted her skirt high enough to reveal her delectable, panty free pussy, "You look like you'd be more comfortable on your knees.""You've got a hell of a nerve. But, luckily you caught me in a weak moment." Sally said as she slid off her chair and down to pthc nsys netscape her knees. "This is a beautiful dress free pics hussyfan pthc but it would look so much better up around pthc kids anal fuck your waist. Let me work it up over your hips. Oh, cgi pthc imageboard your hips just curve out and pthc geschichten out. I'll bet your ass is the same way, I can't wait to lick it. I just love to lick curvy, rounded asses. Let me suck you off and then let me lick your ass, I'll even do your asshole. You'd like that, wouldn't you?""I'd like for you to do something with your tongue besides letting it flap uselessly in the wind. Yes, that's good. Push it up in there, Uhh, yes. You pthc jpegs are an excellent cuntsucker."After a couple of exquisite orgasms, Sally said, "Spread your thighs a little and roll your hips up, let me get some of that stuff that's flowed down into your ass. Spread your cheeks, let me get my tongue up there.""No." Roseshannon steeled her determination and clenched her asscheeks together. "Get me in to see Lana and then I will bend over for you and let you have all your want of my luscious ass.""I think I can talk her into it when I describe to her your magnificent breasts, your taut stomach, your stunning ass, your gorgeous thighs and adorable pussy. Take your dress off and let me see everything so I can describe it all to her.""You've seen enough. I'll take my dress off when I'm in front of her and she will know underage sex pthc you have not exaggerated. Now get in there pthc key word search and get me in." She grabbed Sally by her hair and pulled her towards Lana's office.Sally knocked and entered. Inside she told Lana there was someone outside she should see. After describing Roseshannon's fantastic body, she played her trump card, "And you had better watch yourself. She may put you on your knees like you do me and every other female you've ever fancied."The confidence with which Sally extolled the woman's charismatic charm sent a tingle of apprehension through Lana, would she finally meet the woman she had searched for all her life, the woman who could put her where she belonged, on her knees? "Bring her in and you stay. Enter whatever business she has in the computer. Then you can watch while I draw her over my lap and blister her luscious ass, just like all the rest.""We shall see. I'm willing to bet a week-end of slavery that she dominates you.""Don't be silly. You're already my slave any week-end I choose. Go get her!" Sally left to bring Roseshannon into the office.Roseshannon took a few minutes to give the details of the investigation pthc carl she wanted, all the pertinent information which Sally entered into the computer. Then she walked to the center of the room and removed her dress. Her breathtaking beauty pervaded the room and drove Sally to her knees in awe. Impervious, Lana walked over to Roseshannon, raised her skirt to reveal her own gorgeous thighs. Roseshannon tried to maintain her aura of dominance but her eyes betrayed her, her eyes could not keep from glancing at Lana's lovely legs. When Lana reached out her hand, Roseshannon all but seized it and when Lana took pthc index gallery a seat in a straight backed chair, a gentle pull indicated she wanted Roseshannon to lay herself across her waiting lap. Abandoning her pretense, Roseshannon complied, spreading her thighs and arching her back. Lana began spanking her ass but soon moved her blows down to the pussy that yearned for pain."Oh, how could you, Ms Vanderwaters, how could you submit to her so easily?" Sally cried.When the spanking was over, Roseshannon knelt between Lana's perfect thighs and expressed her gratitude for the wonderful whipping. Then Lana sat at the computer as Roseshannon posed naked beside her. When her hand was not busy with the computer, she would idly reach up to Roseshannon's cleft and slide a finger between the puffy folds and make the woman moan in prolonged arousal. Sally was placed under the desk with her face between Lana's thighs to make sure her own arousal was not too prolonged.In less than an hour, Lana showed her a pthc latina printout of the results of her investigation and a smile spread across Roseshannon's face that lit up the entire room. She danced naked around the room and then knelt and pushed Sally away from Lana's pussy so she could really show her gratitude. Sally pthc movie free urged Lana to roll up on her hip and cock one leg up on the desk and contented herself with the curvaceous cheeks of Lana's fantastic ass. Afterwards, Roseshannon board kds pthc voodoo inquired about the fee and then paid it double for intitle pthc good measure."I think I need to spend a little more pthc forum gallery time on this case. I'd love to meet your sultry housekeeper and your delicious daughter.""Why don't you take a three day week-end and visit with us? I could play with your pussy all the way there and I would gladly bring you back Sunday night or Monday morning." Roseshannon squealed with excitement."So you could play with my pussy some more?""Exactly."Roseshannon paid the exorbitant ransom to get her car from the parking lot, then drove Lana by her apartment to pick up a few things for the week-end. While in Lana's apartment, she made very little effort to keep her hands to herself. Every time Lana came to a stop, Roseshannon would be behind her rubbing her ass or grabbing little girls pics pthc her breasts. Lana decided against find ranchi pthc needing anything from the bottom drawers for fear of bending over in front of Roseshannon.Back in the car, Lana decided to drive mozbot pthc since she was afraid Roseshannon would not be able to concentrate. Until reaching the edge of the city, Roseshannon was the soul of restraint and only needed her face slapped three times to keep herself on her side of the car.On the Interstate, Roseshannon lost most of her control and was laying face down in the seat with her head in Lana's lap and her hands up under her skirt. "At least let me take your panties off so I can look at it." She whined. Finally as traffic thinned enough, Lana raised her hips so her panties could be pulled off. She put the pthc kids galleries car on cruise control and was able to spread her legs enough for Roseshannon to get her mouth on her pussy but she could not quite get inside.When they reached the long, deserted road, Lana suddenly saw the flashing lights of a patrol car in her rear view mirror and pushed Roseshannon's head away in alarm. "Get up and get your clothes straightened! There's a cop on our tail!"Roseshannon pictures pthc was pleased but not surprised to see Shirley lean in through the driver's side after they stopped. "what do you have here? A new addition to your pimp's stable?" Shirley asked Roseshannon."Have you ever heard of Robert Vanderwaters?" Lana interjected."Of course, he owns most of this county.""And do you always speak so familiarly to his wife?""You're his wife?""No, you were not speaking to me, you were speaking about me to Ms Roseshannon Vanderwaters.""Oh, shit, my ass is grass.""And pthc teen cuties I'm pthc boy pics sex an excellent lawnmower." Lana smirked."Don't be silly." Roseshannon said, "You didn't do anything to me that I didn't want more of done." Then she became anxious to see the clash between these two powerful dominants. "I'm having a little party tonight, Shirley, do you think you can make it?""Sure I can. I've already harassed enough honest citizens today.""Well, you don't need to climb into the car with us." Lana stated in an effort to curb the policewoman's enthusiasm. "Why don't you go home if you have one, take a long shower and use the soap, then wear something feminine, you know, clothes that you normally see women wearing?""Roseshannon, if it were anyone but you, I'd run this tart- tongued bitch is for association with a known deviate. The dykes would go ape over this yo bbs pthc little bit of fluff.""Well, if you have some knee pads, you better bring them because you're going to spend most of the evening sucking the pussy and ass pthc lol bbs of this bit of fluff.""I don't have any but all my girlfriends do. I'll borrow a pair and bring them for you to use." Shirley said as she leaned into the car right in Lana's face.Since Robert lived so out of the way, he had special business cards made up with a map on the back. Roseshannon grabbed one of these from her purse and pressed it into Shirley's hand that had become a clenched fist hanging over the steering wheel during the face off. "Here's directions to find our place, Shirley, please leave so you can get there as quickly as possible."Shirley stepped back from the car, muttering through clenched teeth as Lana threw the powerful sports car in gear and sped off, spraying pea gravel all over the policewoman."You're so upset." Roseshannon said soothingly, "why don't you pull over somewhere and let me suck you off a few times to calm you down?""I am going to pull over and then beat your ass for inviting that arrogant bitch to your home. That will calm me down."Roseshannon just clenched her thighs and pussy lips in eager anticipation.
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